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Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management

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The establishment of this bachelor's degree program takes into account the advancement of science and technology and the awareness of leisure in recent years. Together with the improvement of the safety and accessibility of marine tourism and leisure, the rapid development of the marine tourism industry in terms of type and scale has been promoted. It has become an important new tourism and leisure industry in the world, and it is also an important option for the world to develop a marine tourism economy. This course integrates teachers from across the school and beyond to foster future marine tourism management talents.

This course will aim to cultivate professionals in coastal tourism, offshore tourism, water recreation and activities, and passenger cruises (cruises, rivers and ferries) to meet the needs of current domestic and international marine tourism industry professionals. The degree program will give priority to the marine tourism resources in the region, and further strengthen the resources and cooperation of the industry, government and students, and integrate professional theory and industry implementation, so that students can directly invest in the workplace after the completion of their studies.

The degree and theory of the degree program are equally important. The workplace that can be invested in the future includes:
1. Government agencies and civic institutions: central and local tourism or related business authorities, public or private tourism related institutions (such as: port companies, shipping agencies, etc.).
2. Cruise companies and other passenger shipping companies: cruise ships, riverboats or ferry companies.
3. General enterprises: marine leisure and sports related enterprises, museums, exhibitions, travel agencies, hotel catering industry, etc.
4. Academic and research institutions.

The focus of the development of this course is to cultivate middle and high-level management and practical talents with international outlook, marine tourism practice and management quality. The curriculum design to cultivate students has:
1. Independent thinking and logic analysis
2. Marine tourism professional and skills
3. Organizational management and management
4. Strategy planning and analysis
5. Leadership and execution capabilities
6. Marketing planning and innovation
7. Interpersonal communication and coordination
8. Humanities and Art Appreciation
9. Foreign language communication and expression
10. Multiculturalism and international perspective