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Dr. Mu-Yi, Chou

1. Education

  1. Ph.D. Political Science, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (2015/07).
  2. M.A. Comparative Politics, University of Nottingham, UK (2005/12).
  3. B.A. Political Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (2004/06).

2. Academic Appointment

  1. Assistant Professor, Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan (2022/08- present).
  2. Adjuct Assistant Professor, Master Degree Program in Non-Profit Organization Management, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (2018/02- present).
  3. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (2015/08~2022/07).

3. Services

  1. Core Member, Center for University Social Responsibilty, Ministry of Education (2022/07- present).
  2. Consultant, Indigenous Economic and Industrial Development Plan 2.0, Council of Indigenous Peoples (2022/01- present).
  3. Consultant for the Report of Community Issues, The Mustard Seed Mission (2020/05- present).
  4. Consultant, Indigenous Economic and Industrial Development Plan, Council of Indigenous Peoples (2018/10~2021/12).

4. Book Chapters/ Journal Articles (2016- present)

  1. Hsu, Szu-chien, Muyi Chou. 2021. “Cellularized Civil Society: Public Participation in Community Governance.” In Evolutionary Governance in China: State-Society Relations under Authoritarianism. Szu-chien Hsu and Prof. Kellee S. Tsai eds. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Asia Center. pp. 98-128.
  2. Hsu, Szu-chien, Muyi Chou. 2021. “Inclusiveness in Governance: Why Is the Chinese Authoritarian Regime Not Democratizing?”, In The Volatility and Future of Democracies in Asia. Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao and Alan Hao Yang eds. London: Routledge. pp. 157-181.
  3. Gibson-Graham, J.K., Jenny Cameron, and Stephen Healy. 2021. Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming our Communities. Translated from the English by Muyi Chou. Taipei: Guerrilla Publishing. (ISBN: 9789869934749) (In Mandarin)
  4. Xiong, Huei-Lan, Muyi Chou, Sheng-wen Shih, and Dung-Sheng Chen. 2019. “Interorganizational Cooperation outside the Market: A Case Study on Unievrsity Outreach and Social Innovation in Taiwan.” Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy, 31(3): 427-465. (TSSCI) (In Mandarin)
  5. Chou, Muyi, Huei-Lan Xiong, and Dung-Sheng Chen. 2018. “Social Innovation Networks in Practice: A Case Study of the Humanity Innovation and Social Practice Project.” The Taiwanese Political Science Review, 22(2): 147-202. (TSSCI) (In Mandarin)
  6. Chou, Muyi. 2018. “Social Practice from a Capabilities Approach Perspective.” In New Praxis and Local Societies. Ruey-Ming Tsay ed. New Taipei City: Liwen Culture Group. (ISBN: 9789860578928) (In Mandarin)
  7. Chou, Muyi and Dung-Sheng Chen. 2018. “Thinking About the Institutional Design and Future of Social Economy in Taiwan from the Foreign Experiences.” Public Governance Quarterly, 6(1): 46-53. (In Mandarin)

5. Conference Papers (2016- present)

    1. Chen, Dung-sheng and Muyi Chou. July, 2022. “Social Innovation in Taiwan: Theories and Practices,” paper presented at Social Innovation: Global Challenges and Opportunities Online Conference. Sun Yat-sen Research Center for Social Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University.
    2. Chou, Muyi and Dung-sheng Chen. 2022. “A Comparative Study on the Participatory Budgeting in Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung City,” paper presented at Conference on Delibrative Democracy, Taipei: Department of Sociology, Natioanl Taiwan University. (In Mandarin)
    3. Chou, Muyi. 2021. “The Opportunities and Challenges of Practicing Social Economy in Taiwan: The Ideal and the Reality of Cooperatives,” paper presented at the 2021 International Conference of Taiwan-Japan University-Community Partnership and Social Practice.” Taipei: GIS NTU Convention Center. (In Mandarin)
    4. Chou, Muyi, Pei-Chen Cheng, and Dung-sheng Chen. 2020. “The State-Society Relations During Covid-19 Pandemic in Taiwan from the Perspective of “The Narrow Corridor”: Case Studies on Mask Map and the Rights of Medical Personnel,” paper presented at the 2020 Annual Conference of Taiwanese Sociological Association. Taipei: Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University. (In Mandarin)
    5. Chou, Muyi. Oct. 2020. “Initiating Social and Solidarity Economy in Taiwan: from the Perspective of University-Community Partnership Research,” paper presented at the 3rd Conference of Social and Solidarity Economy: Coops Revisited! Taichung: Tunghai University.
    6. Chou, Muyi. 2020. “Exploing How to Facilitate the Functions of Public Sphere by University-Community Partnership Research,” paper presented at the 2nd Conference of Shui Sha Lian Studies. Nantou County: National Chi Nan University. (In Mandarin)
    7. Chou, Muyi. 2020. “How University-Commuunity Partnership Research Influences on State-Society Relations: From the Homogenous to Hetergenous Imagination of the Public,” paper presented at the 2020 International Conference of Taiwan-Japan University-Community Partnership and Social Practice.” Taipei: Ministry of Science and Technology.
    8. Chou, Muyi. Sep. 2019. “An Analytical Framework of University-Community Partnership from the Perspective of Civil Society Theory: Identifying the Impact of University Social Engagement on Civil Society,” paper presented at the 2019 International Conference of Taiwan-Japan University-Community Partnership and Social Practice. Taipei: Ministry of Science and Technology.
    9. Chou, Muyi. Feb. 2019. “University-Community Partnership in Reframing Air Pollution Issue and Reshaping Civic Participation: From Social Movement to Social Innovation,” paper presented at the Global Scholar Initiative Academic Writing for International Publication. A Workshop Presented by the Social Science Research Council, New York in conjunction with The Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, RCHSS and The Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. Taipei: The Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica.
    10. Chou, Muyi. April 2018. “From Social Movement to Social Innovation: A Sustainable Driving Force to Shape Civil Society in Taiwan,” paper presented at the 15th Annual Conference of European Association of Taiwan Studies. Zurich: Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
    11. Chou, Muyi and Dung-sheng Chen. Oct. 2017. “University-Community Partnership in the Transformation of Local Development: From Market-Oriented to Local-Based Development,” paper presented at the American Association for Chinese Studies 59th Annual Conference. Columbia: University of South Carolina, U.S.
    12. Hsu, Szu-chien and Muyi Chou. Sep. 2017. “Inclusiveness in Governance: Why Is the Chinese Authoritarian Regime Not Democratizing?” paper presented at the International Conference on the Future of Asian Democracies. Taipei: Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica.
    13. Chou, Muyi and Tsung-Yi Chao. April 2017. “The Practical Mechanism of Partnership Research in Taiwan’s Social Innovation Context: A Case Study on University-Community Co-Working Space in a Tribe of Eastern Taiwan,” paper presented at the 5th CRISES International Symposium: From Emergences to Recognition. Paths of Innovation. Montreal: Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada.
    14. Chou, Muyi and Sheng-wen Shih. 2016. “The Practice and Reflection of Deliberative Democracy: From the Sunflower Student Movement to Participatory Budgeting,” paper presented at 2016 Annual Conference of Taiwanese Political Science Association. Taipei: Shih Hsin University. (In Mandarin)
    15. Hsu, Szu-chien and Muyi Chou. 2016. “Cellularized Civil Society: CSOs and Public Participation in Community Governance,” paper presented at AAS-IN-ASIA Conference 2016 on Asia in Motion: Horizons of Hope. Kyoto: Doshisha University, Japan.


6. Other Activities (2016- present)

  1. Invited Talk. Center for USR, Ministry of Education. 2022, 6/24.
  2. Forum Moderator. Asia Pacific Social Innovation Summit. 2022, 5/14.
  3. Invited Talk. Department of Anthnopology, National Taiwan University. 2021, 11/3.
  4. Invited Talk. The USR Office of Hungkuang University. 2021, 9/30.
  5. Invited Talk. College of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Taiwan Ocean University. 2021, 5/19.
  6. Invited Talk. Gulirice. 2021, 5/14.
  7. Invited Talk. Feng Chia University. 2021, 4/19.
  8. Invited Talk. National Chi Nan University. 2021, 4/14.
  9. Book Launch. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. 2021, 4/3.
  10. Invited Talk. National Taitung University. 2020, 12/18.
  11. Instructor. Center for Reginal Revitalization, Ministry of Education. 2020, 3/27.
  12. Invited Talk. Center of Social Practices and Urban Revitalization, Tunghai University. 2018, 12/2.
  13. Invited Talk. The USR Project of National Chengchi University. 2018, 5/16.
  14. Panelist. The Third Indigenous Economic and Industrial Development Forum. 2017, 12/26.
  15. Invited Talk. B1 Worker Coop for Community Empowerment (Nanji Partnership Co-working Space). 2017, 12/2.
  16. Moderator. Center of Community Empowerment of Taipei City. 2017, 10/25.
  17. Invited Talk. Nanji Partnership Co-working Space. 2016, 12/8.
  18. Panelist. Bow to Land Festival and Forum. 2016, 10/14.
  19. Invited Talk. Taipei University of Marine Technology. 2016, 10/21.
  20. Panelist. Homemakers United Consumers’ Coop. 2016, 6/27-6/28.
  21. Panelist. The Project of University Learning Ecosystem for Taiwan, Ministry of Education. 2016, 2/1.


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