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Career Possibility

1. Get your professional license (ex: IAFT, TQC, TASSM)
2.Government and private organizations (public office, central / local tourism authority, cultural bureau, airport bureau, Taiwan port company or shipping agency company, agriculture and fishery association, etc.)
3. Cruises and other passenger liner companies (such as Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International Cruises, Star Cruises, Queen Cruises, Costa Cruises and other professional cruise companies or shipping agency companies)
4. Marine sports and leisure related companies (such as yacht companies, Jibei water sports companies, sea trip water companies, Nanwan water sports company cultural creativity or marine festival planners, local ecological commentators, professional lifeguards)
5. General enterprises (such as marine museums, travel agencies, tour guides, conventions, hotels, restaurants)
6.Academic and research institutions (such as tourism, leisure and dining, marine culture, corporate management, resource management, radio and television, international trade and other research institutes)