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Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management
Taiwan is an ocean state, and our national policy is to “establish a state of ocean and tourism.” The Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management was established in August 2014. This is the first program in Taiwan that specializes in the development of diverse fields of “ocean tourism” and the cultivation of “ocean tourism” management skills, distinguishing it from the tourism or leisure programs offered by other universities. The program integrates cross-field teachers inside and outside the university to jointly cultivate future ocean tourism talents.
This program aims to cultivate professionals in coast sightseeing, offshore sightseeing, ocean leisure, ocean activities, and cruise tourism, including cruises, yachts, high-speed passenger ships, recreational fishing boats, riverboats, and ferries, to fulfill the current domestic and international necessary of professionals in the ocean tourism industry. The program will give priority to combining local ocean tourism resources, further strengthen the resource connection and cooperation between industry, government and academia; then integrate professional theories and industrial practices, so that students is capable of directly investing in workplace after completing their studies.
This program is to develop middle and high-level management and practical talents with an international perspective and a combination of ocean tourism management theories and practices. The curriculum is designed with the following skills:
1. Independent thought and logic analysis.
2. Ocean tourism expertise and skills.
3. Organization operation and management.
4. Strategic planning and analysis.
5. Leadership and executive capabilities.
6. Marketing and innovation.
7. Interpersonal communication and coordination.
8. Humanities and arts appreciation.
9. Foreign language communication and expression.
10. Multicultural and international perspective.